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Starfleet Ship Information - Concorde
Basic Info
Classification: Carrier
Commissioned: 2375
Constructed: Utopia Planitia
Length: 685 Meters
Width: 405 Meters
Height: 155 Meters
Mass: 4,200,000
Decks: 38
Population Capacity
Crew Compliment: 1050
Evacuation Limit: 19,000
Weapons Compliment
Phasers: 8 Type XII Phaser Arrays

Type 4 Point Defense System

Torpedoes: 4 Torpedo Launchers (200 Torpedoes)
Defensive Capabilities
Shields: Regenerative Shielding System (4,000,000 TerraJoules)
Armor: 8cm Partial Ablative Armor
Hull: Standard Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Structural Integrity Field: Standard Structural Integrity Field
Propulsion Systems
Impulse Engines: 4 Impulse Engines
Warp Core: Mark 8 M/ARA Warp Core feeding Two Nacelles
Normal Cruise: Warp 7
Max Speed: Warp 9.7 (12 Hours)
Expected Hull Life: 110 Years
Minor Refit Cycle: 2 Years
Standard Refit Cycle: 12 Years
Major Refit Cycle: 30 Years
Shuttlecraft Compliment
Shuttlebays: One Main Flight Deck

One Launch Deck Two Auxillury Shuttlebays

Auxiliary Maintenance Craft: 12 Work Bees
Shuttles: 15 Shuttles

6 Runabouts

Fighters: 52 (Standard)

78 (Maximum Capacity)

With the threat of the Dominion looming, Starfleet Command began to re-arm their military power. One aspect that had been lacking was their Carrier Fleet. Starfighter Command had been deploying their Aerospace Wings on Starbases and Stations, and when it came time to carry them into battle, had to settle for the Curry Class Carrier, and the aging Relentless Class Carrier, which was older than the Excelsiors. After the opening shots of the war took out Three of Starfleets Seven Relentless Carriers, Strategic Flight Operations began moving their Aerospace Groups to Akira's due to their durability and ability to carry fighters. Curry Class Carriers also served with distinction during the war, however found their older systems vulnerable to enemy attacks and required heavy escort.

Thus the Concorde Project was started, two years prior to the war. Starfleet Engineers put to work designing the fleet's first full mission carrier in over a hundred years. The Concorde was designed entirely from the ground up for this role, although was still given the most modern weaponry that had been field tested during the war. As a carrier, her weapons were designed in a defensive role, and her eight phaser banks as well as Point Defense System allowed the Concorde Class to easily defend herself while keeping her Fighter Wing as her primary offensive weapon. The class was completed in 2375, and the USS Concorde quickly passed her trials and was sent to the front line, were she participated in the Invasion of Cardassia. Her Aerospace Group won fame as they fought side by side with the battle hardened 82nd Tactical, which had spent the entirety of the war based on an Akira Class ship. Her sister ships, the USS Essex and USS Ronald Reagan missed the end of the war, however participated in the Starfleet protection of Cardassia. Now the Fleet has been filled with ten more Concorde Carriers, which are now replacing all the aging Curry Carriers, and allowing the Akira's to return to other duties.

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